Emaar Community Management


Caring for the Community and Creating Long-term Value

Emaar Community Management (ECM), one of the UAE's first licensed association management companies, is the largest provider of professional association and community management services in the UAE

With an international team of highly qualified experts, Emaar Community Management (ECM) is the UAE's largest provider of professional association and community management services.

ECM is the first and only organisation outside the USA to become an Accredited Association Management Company® (AAMC®), the most prestigious certification in the industry, from the US-based Community Associations Institute (CAI).

While essentially focused on working with assets to ensure their sustainability, ECM provides necessary capabilities to manage Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) assets, as well as extend the assets lifecycle through preventive and reliability Centered maintenance.

ECM handles every aspect of a community’s financials, from consulting, research and planning, to its day-to-day expenses and management. Established relationships within the industry means ECM can advise and offer economies of scale.

ECM has gone beyond being a community and association management company, evolving naturally into a community lifestyle manager and integrator.

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